Tom Cat Rat Repellent Spray for home – 200ml

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Product Description

tom cat rat repellents

Shadow Securitronics Tom CAT No Entry Rat Repellent Spray for Home Garage Godown Highly Effective with Mask and Gloves

tom cat rat spray

Say Goodbye To Car Damage

  • Made in India – TOM CAT HOME is Made in India by Shadow Securitronics.
  • Safe for Car – TOM CAT HOME is water based. It does not contain Alcohol, DME.
  • Non-toxic – Since TOM CAT HOME is a herbal based formula, it is completely non-toxic.
  • TOM CAT does not contain any harmful, toxic chemicals.
  • TOM CAT HOME does not harm the environment.


How To Use:


  • Hold container upright and aim nozzle away from yourself to spray at places where rodents and other insects, pests are found.
  • Generally these areas are along walls, by gnawed openings, in or bed side burrows, in corners, concealed & dark places, between floors and walls, and their underground tunnels.
  • Non toxic easy to use & safe for entire family. It is long lasting. Only Repels Rats. Does not kill them.
  • Made from pure and natural essential oils. Sticks on most surface easily to give immediate effects.
  • All natural – The natural formula of TOMCAT delivers a smell that rodents dislike.
  • It repels & deters rats, mice & voles from nesting, congregating & resting in unwanted areas.
  • Ideal for homes, garages & godowns.  Prevent entry, biting and foraging.



  • We all might know that rats are a big menace for Homes.
  • Most of the Rat Repellents available today are either difficult to apply or are simply not effective.
  • Repeat the processes after every 30 days more frequent application can be required, if the application area is exposed to rainfall.

tom cat rat spray


RECOMMENDED: Use of Mask and Hand Gloves while spraying.

tom cat rat spray

tom cat

Benefits of Tom Cat Rat Repellent Spray

  • Proven solution – Used by hundreds of House owners.
  • DIY – Do it yourself.
  • Takes 10 min only.
  • Humane to rats. It DOES NOT KILL the rats, it just drive off the rats from your House.
  • No operating cost.

Other Detail:

  • Wash your hands with soap after use to clear off bitter taste from spillage on your hands.
  • Pest control solution ,beautifully designed, very effective and completely safe for children, pregnant women and pets.

More Details

  • Avoid inhalation.
  • Wash hand after use.
  • Keep away from children.
  • In case of accidental contact with Face was immediately with water and seek medical advice.
  • Avoid getting in eyes or on skin.
  • Avoid breathing spray mists.

Safety Information:  Please use mask and gloves while application.

tom cat rat spray

tom cat rat spray



11 reviews for Tom Cat Rat Repellent Spray for home – 200ml

  1. Sunny Ansari

    Product is very best , for home purpose and it restrains all rats to come enter your home

  2. Karthik.S

    Nice product Good Packaging

  3. Naveen krishna

    Value for money product and effective

  4. Surekha Singha

    It really works

  5. Soumya Mishra

    I applied it in the kitchen it is very effective

  6. loganathan

    Rats damaged costly machinery in our factory. Bought this product to try it out, but it surprised us. The signs of rat activity is nil after using this product. Two weeks since the first spray and still working like a charm. Definite buy for those who want to be humane by repelling the rats rather than killing them or catching in inhuman glue sheets.

  7. Pradeep Atkari

    Overall good product, provide safety ( face mask, hand gloves) along with spray.

  8. V S.

    I am satisfied with the product

  9. mrunal

    The product is effective and strong

  10. DFG

    It works as described. I was having a bad problem of one single rat coming again and again and destroying everything. From furniture to clothing. I sprayed this near the area were the rat was coming., No sign of rat after that.

  11. Pramod.

    I used it for my shop, even after a month there is no rat entry in my shop. But it is bitter then neem, if u thouch those on which its sprayed u have to wash ur hands.

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Brand Shadow Securitronics
Scent Unscented 
Item Volume 200 Millilitres
Material Feature Natural
Item Form Spray

About this item

  • Keep Rat/mice/rodents away from your home It prevents damages to wires, Cables, pipes & other Home & Kitch Appliances accessories parts etc. It Prevents damages to cables from Rat
  • 360 Degree Spray nozzle, no wastage, easy to use, Protect Cables, electric wires & Other Appliances from rat/mice
  • Eco- friendly & safe for human still keeps far away from children. Self Home Pest Control Repellent with Protective Glove & Mask
  • Keep your lovable Home safe form rat/Mice. No more chewed wires in your home, Garage, Garden any more. Shadow rat repellent spray protects your Washing machine, iron, heater, geager, pipe, etc. from rat/Mouse/Mice.
  • TOM Cat rat Home repellent spray didn’t kill rat it only repels rat from car, it is eco-friendly nontoxic and easy to spray. It lasts 2 month and it is highly effective.
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