TOM CAT is the flagship product of Shadow Etail. Tom Cat rat-repellent spray is India’s leading product for cars and has marked its presence in the market as Amazon Top Seller for 4 years in a row. Tom Cat Rat Repellent Sprays are entirely manufactured, marketed, and distributed by Shadow Etail.  The story started in the year 2016 in Chennai where due to rains lot of rat bites were noticed in cars causing extensive damage. There were no products in the market which could solve this problem without killing the rats. Rats as dirty and nasty as it may be, nobody will like to handle a dead rat plus we as humans would like to be as humane as possible with other animals. The gap in available solutions lead to the discovery of TOM CAT, HERBAL BASED RAT REPELLENT SPRAY. TOM CAT works on the 2 concepts – smell and taste. The strong smell gives a choking sensation to the rat and taste is heavily bitter which leaves a smooth coating over the electronic & plastic parts. Rats do not dare to come into the cars after that. Tom Cat rat repellent is specifically designed and uniquely formulated with herbal ingredients that do not kill rats but rather only repel them. Sold more than 5 lakh units since it launched, TOM CAT has saved more than 500 crore rupees in repair costs for all its customers. (Average repair cost of 10,000 Rs/ customer). We are the market leaders in this segment and we sell more than twice combined of all our competitors like 3M & Bitter. TOM CAT is currently the market leader in its segment and is also India’s largest selling rat repellent spray.

TOM CAT is now a complete AUTO CARE brand with expertise in manufacturing AUTO CARE PRODUCTS that are brilliantly designed for cars, trucks, and other automobiles. We noticed there are lot of gaps in the current products in the auto care segment.  The other auto utility products of the TOM CAT include Helmet Spray, Tom Cat Bike shiner (used as an effective way to shine your bike plastics & Chrome), Tom Cat Dashboard Spray (premium dashboard and leather polish), and Tom Cat Tyre & Bumper Dresser (tyre and plastic restorer). These TOM CAT products are completely Eco Friendly, Effective, and Nontoxic by application. They are designed and formulated keeping the Urban customer in mind who wants a fast solution without leaving a mess. Helmet Spray, Bike Shiner, Dashboard and tyre dresser work on the concept of a mist based cleaning foam which helps in shine and ease of use. All the products are supplied with high quality microfiber cloth. Designed for urban customer who wants a quick effective solution.


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