Have you ever seen the military controlling civilians? The same exotic formulation is the core base of the product named Commando Super Strong Military Strength OC pepper spray with a special tag of “self-defense for women”. Commando 2x Advanced Military Strength Pepper Spray for women is well matching the need of working women and others as well. This is more potent more advanced and stronger and is one of the best sellers in Amazon. Its efficacy is well tested on different parameters that made it the top-selling item of the category. Shadow Warrior is the most powerful OC Pepper Spray and never compromises on your defense. It is also layered with unique features and the same formulation as another pepper spray that can lead to a great irritating experience for those who tease women for fun. All the 3 brands come in flip and dome type models. Flip has a safety lock feature to prevent accidents on self. All these 3 brands combined have given power to more than 50,000 women across India. We are proud to say that many a time women customers have contacted us thanking that our pepper sprays have helped them in the tough times and saved their lives as well.

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