Royal Heritage focuses on herbal products which are 100% natural and completely chemical free. Wellness is the theme for Royal Heritage. As the name suggests the brand picks up natural products which have the rich heritage of India.

4 products are under the Royal Heritage Brand – Baby Massage oil, 18 Herbs Hair Oil, Ayu Nova Health Vitamin Samples and Shilajit.

All the 4 products are completely herbal and have a multitude of herbs inside. Many customers have gone for repeated purchases of these products. Baby Massage oil and 18 herbs have vetiver roots as their base along with added herbs. Very soothing for the baby skin and amazing massaging oil. 18 herbs oil takes care of growth of hair and gives the necessary nutrients for growth.

Ayu nova focusses on increased energy, mental focus & vibrant good health. Contains a powerful blend of herbal supplements formulated to optimize your body’s immune system. Clean & ultra-pure immunity boost has powerhouse ingredients including elderberry, zinc and vitamin c to help fight off free radicals. Ayu nova are like energy booster natural immunity booster supplements assist the body to stay away from diseases, seasonal changes

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