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Product Description

The Horrible Truth About Rat Glue Traps: A Compassionate Guide

Have you ever seen a rat glue trap? Those little squares of cardboard covered in sticky goo? They may seem like a quick and easy solution to your rodent problem, but the truth is, that they are cruel, ineffective, and downright barbaric.

A Gruesome Demise

Imagine a poor rat, scurrying around in search of food, only to step into one of these sticky rat glue traps. They panic, their tiny bodies flailing desperately as they try to escape. The more they struggle, the more stuck they get. They can be stuck for days, suffering from hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and immense pain. Eventually, they die, often from dehydration or suffocation.

Not Just Rats

And it’s not just rats that fall victim to these traps. Insects, birds, and even other small mammals can get caught, suffering the same horrific fate. These traps are indiscriminate and don’t care who they catch.

An Ineffective Solution

But even if they were only effective at catching rats, rat glue traps would still be a bad idea. Why? Because they don’t address the root cause of the rodent problem. They might catch a few rats, but they won’t stop more from coming in. The dead and dying bodies of trapped rats can attract other rodents, making the problem worse!

More Humane Options

There are far more humane and effective ways to deal with rodents. You can use snap traps that kill the rat quickly or try exclusion methods to seal up your home and prevent them from getting in the first place. You can also contact a professional pest control company for help.

The Bottom Line

Rat glue traps are a cruel and ineffective way to deal with rodents. They cause immense suffering to animals, and they don’t even work in the long run. If you’re looking for a solution to your rodent problem, please choose a more humane and effective method.

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Pack Size

Medium 25.1×18.7 cm, Jumbo 39.9×25.5 cm


Pack of 3, Pack of 5, Pack of 7, Pack of 10

  • STRONGLY STICKY & EASY TO CLEAN – This new version mouse glue board is manufactured with special glue, strongly adhesive and evenly distributed, easier to catch mice, the mouse traps can be used in all seasons. And once the mouse is trapped, dispose of it/dispatch them humanely to keep your home clean and healthy. You don’t need to touch the mouse to get it out of the trap. No mess and no snapped fingers.This is the best mice choice for you and your family.
  • NON TOXIC & MORE SAFE – As a new generation of environment-friendly product, Mouse glue traps made of eco-friendly material, no chemicals, toxic compounds, and no harmful smell. They are safe for your family and pets, It’s a green environmental protection trap.
  • THICKER CARDBOARD & DIFFERENT SHAPES – This sticky mouse cardboard is been enhanced, it is more thicker and harder which can prevent being dragged away by rats. You can fold up the mouse glue trap to other shapes you want, like “?“ shape, “90°” shape, “U” shape and “?” shape. It can avoid being touched by children or pets, especially suitable for the placement in narrow space.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – In addition to capture mice and rats, This sticky mouse traps are also great for trapping other common household pests .Suitable for most places like kitchen, office, meeting room, restaurant, behind appliances, under sink, garage, near garbage areas and etc.
  • WIDE APPLICATION AND CLEAN – This mice traps can be used in kitchen, office, bedroom, garden, restroom, restaurant, indoors, outdoors. while keeping your home tidy, clean and healthy.
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