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Shadow Etail is a House of Brands embracing multiple brands under a single umbrella in Auto Care, Home Care, Health & Beauty, Pet Care & Personal Care. 

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What we are all about?

We are a fast-growing D2C (Direct to Consumer) brand in South India, based in Coimbatore (Manchester of India). Our swift rise within a short span is accredited to wide-range of home-manufactured products that simplifies your life with handy solutions.

Our portfolio of 25+ products serve multiple categories such as Repellents, Auto Care, Pet Care, Baby Care, Bags, Toys, Cosmetics, & Medicines.

As of March 20, 2024, we rank as #8 Top Seller on Amazon India.

The quick rise of Shadow Etail has been featured in multiple newspaper articles and magazine publications. It is also a testament of our commitment to our valued customers. We are grateful to our community and their heartfelt feedback, that has made this miraculous journey possible.

Our Story

In 2017, we started as Shadow Securotronics from a small 60 square feet corner room in Chennai. 

Care is our brand mission, as everyone pursues the best of it in multiple forms.

“Shadow” indicating protection in Shadow Securotronics, started with Pepper Spray and GPS Watch retailing, offering security to women and children.

However, our care mission was reciprocated thunderously with the COVID-19 pandemic, costing us a loss of ₹15 Lakhs within 5 days, with 5,000 cancelled orders.

This is when we rebranded to Shadow Etail and facilitated 10,000 quality Oximeters units (with 18 months’ warranty) received with heartfelt appreciation from the crowd nationwide. This helped us earn a solid comeback.

Post-COVID, we expanded our “care” mission by launching rat repellents that not only protected cars and houses from rats but also ensured that they didn’t kill the rats. Its effective formulation places it as a top competitor on Amazon. 

The list of our well-known brand names include Tom Cat, Bob Cat, Happy Nights, Mama Quilla, Minimalist, Fin Pharm, Gecko, Lubrizap, Germinox, Commando, Royal Heritage, Maharishi, Hola Cosmetics, Hola Baby, Ninth Ray, Happy Hippo, and Blue Raptor.

The above products are eco-friendly, family-friendly, and easy to use. They solve your day-to-day household problems more effectively and safely than the standard market products.


Despite a colossal loss during the COVID pandemic, rebranding as Shadow Etail earned us multiple achievements within a short period. A few of these include:

  • #8 Top Seller on Amazon (All India) in March 2024.
  • Top-ranking products on Amazon, competing with brands like 3M.
  • 30,000 orders shipped every month from our warehouse
  • Business Mint 2024 Under 40 National Award Winner
  • Nationwide Awards 2024 Omni Brand E-Commerce category
  • Featured in various newspaper articles.
  • Featured in Business Outlook 2023 article
  • Supported by a customer base of 1 Million people.
  • Consistent growth of 2x every year, with a turnover of 15 crores


With the above achievements, we inspire our journey with the following vision:

  1. Benefit every Indian household with at least 1 of our affordable premium products, which span across multiple segments.
  2. We are becoming recognized as one of the largest D2C brands in India with our unique and premium products.
  3. Touching a revenue of 100 Crores by the 2025 end.
  4. Launching around 100 products by the 2024 end, currently pipelined.

Social Responsibilities

With our success, we equally contribute to the society with the following initiatives:

  • All Shadow Etail Brands and Products are environmental friendly. They are manufactured in strict conditions, ensuring both human and animal safety.
  • Shadow Etail currently employs 30% special needs women and is working towards increasing this to over 50% of their total workforce.
  • Shadow Etail owns Fin Pharm, a community-based pharmacy, which operates on a no-profit basis to cater to customer needs in Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu. Currently, more than 10,000 customers have benefitted from the Fin Pharm pharmacy.
  • Our brands, like Mama Quilla are socially conscious. All profits from the Mama Quilla brand (Premium Herbal Sanitary Pads) are donated as products to respective NGOs or Orphanages.

We share the credits of our success to our customers, supporters, and a dedicated staff team that made this possible. Join our mission to help us reach Indian households with our highly affordable and premium quality products.

About the Founder

Santhosh Balasundaram, a distinguished figure in sourcing and business innovation, has significantly impacted the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) industry with Shadow Etail. His diverse background in Aviation, Food & Beverage, and E-commerce, coupled with a solid educational foundation in engineering and management and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, establishes him as a credible leader and visionary. 

Santhosh’s achievements include being honored with the “Under 40 2024 Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Business Mint in the D2C category, highlighting his exceptional contributions to the industry. Under his leadership, Shadow Etail is set to achieve a revenue of 100 crores by 2025 and launch over 100 products in 2024, with plans for international expansion to the Middle East, Singapore, and Australia.


An upcoming book, released in February 2024, will delve into his strategic insights and entrepreneurial philosophy, offering a deeper understanding of the success behind Shadow Etail. This publication promises to be an invaluable resource for those interested in the intricacies of the D2C landscape. For more details, visit www.shadowetail.com.

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