Who We Are?

Shadow Etail® is one of the fastest growing companies in India. We are selling online from 2015. With a wide variety of products across multiple categories we are one of the top 100 sellers in Amazon with many products in the Top 10 best sellers. We were honored as “Startup of the year 2017” for our innovative products range.

Shadow Etail® has products across multiple categories and prices are competitive compared to Amazon and Flipkart. We always offer same day shipping from our warehouses located in south India, Mumbai and Gurgaon. All products have free shipping and secured checkouts.

1 stop solution for all your E-com needs. India’s leading E-com dealer.

We are India’s leading E-com dealer and offer a 1 stop solution for all your E-com needs.
We understand the nuances of the online market place as we have been directly selling online for last 5 years.


1. Who is an Ecom Dealer?

The term “Ecom Dealer” looks fancy but it refers to a dealer/ distributor who will sell your company goods online over multiple ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon/ Flipkart/ Jio mart/ FB shop/ Insta shop. Ecom dealers have good knowledge and experience of selling your goods online. They have inhouse teams who can do product photoshoots/ model shoots/ listing/ digital marketing/ campaigns over FB and insta/ Review management and returns management. This gives great advantage for the company to focus on what they do best manufacturing/ production/ retail distribution.

Shadow etail is one of India’s leading ecom dealers who have good experience in selling your products online. Multiple brands of theirs have become best sellers and bring steady revenue.

2. As a company why can’t I build an inhouse team to do this?

Over 80 percent of companies make losses when selling online. Selling online is not the same as retail distribution. It is a different Ball game.
From listing of products to photoshoots to marketing campaigns to review management to returns management. By the time the company has understood time has lost.

Shadow etail focuses only on selling online and has the relevant experience to give the right push to make the product best sellers. They are India’s leading Ecom dealers.

3. How is Shadow etail different from other dealers like cloud tail and appario?

Shadow etail is not market place dependent. Cloud tail and appario can sell only on amazon. Similarly flipkart dealers sell only on Flipkart. They are related to the parent company Amazon or Flipkart.

Shadow etail has the flexibility to sell your products over Amazon/ Flipkart/ Jio Mart/ own websites/ FB shop and Insta shop. This gives great advantage for you.

Also other ecom dealers pull out your best sellers and then sell them. Shadow etail on the other hand takes your low selling products and converts them to best sellers. Other ecom dealers have a 90 days credit for goods policy and strict returns policy. They make the company who supplies the product bleed.

Shadow etail works on very flexible payment terms, in somes cases advance payment to support the product company and sharing losses on returns.

4. Do I need to pay extra for online marketing expenses to shadow retail?

No additional charges are to be paid to Shadow etail. Only consistent supply of products. They will take care of marketing expenses related to product photoshoot/ model photoshoot/ spn services/ review management/ returns management/ digital marketing/ campaign expenses/ Warehouse management

You can sit back and focus on making better products.

Mail us at or call/whatsapp @ 8838358288 to collaborate with us. Visit our site at