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Shadow Warrior Flip Pepper Spray 55ml

Shadow Warrior Flip Pepper Spray 55ml


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 Pepper Spray  Pepper Spray


  • Directly remove the cap, Aim and deploy for discreet protection in an emergency.
  • The container design features a cap to securely store your pepper spray and prevent accidental discharge.
  • The clever lipstick design makes this pepper spray easy to conceal, so others are less likely to know you are carrying Pepper Spray.
  • The perfect addition to anyone's purse, the compact, pink, and modern-looking pepper spray is a practical and discreet way for many to carry their personal protection.
  • This compact model contains 12 bursts for protection against multiple threats and has an impressive 10-foot range for protection at a safe distance.
 Pepper Spray


  • Pepper Spray Canister With 12 Bursts for Protection Against Multiple Threats; 10-foot (3 Meter) Range Provides Protection at a Safer Distance.
  • Widely Demanded to Use as a Security Purpose, It Is Highly Irritant for Eyes. Before Dispatching, It Is Tested by Our Team to Ensure Its Effectiveness. 
       Pepper Spray
  • It Even Fits Into Running Pants for True Protection on the Go.
  • The Pepper Spray Features a Finger-grip Design to Maximize Your Grasp While the Flip Top Safety Cap Prevents Accidents or Misfires.
  • We Continue to Innovate the Industry With Powerful Formulas, Fast-acting Delivery Systems, and New Safety Features That Ensure Protection and Peace of Mind.
 Pepper Spray Pepper Spray
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