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Rat Repellent Spray buy online - 200ml | BOB CAT 2X Advanced

Rat Repellent Spray buy online - 200ml | BOB CAT 2X Advanced


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Rat Repellent Spray - Product Description

Keep Rat/mice/rodents away from your car.
  • It prevents damage to wires, Cables, pipes & other accessories parts, etc. It Prevents damage to cables from Rats
  • Safe for humans and still keeps far away from children. Self Car & Vehicle Pest Control Repellent with Protective Glove & Mask

Shadow Bob Cat rat repellent spray

It only repels rats from cars, it is nontoxic and easy to spray. It lasts 2 months and it is highly effective.


Bob cat


Glue pad





None. Rats stay away Dispose alive rat Smelly dead rat Dispose alive rat
sy spray with 360 Nozzle Bulky Dangerous Easy
Safety for Kids
Invisible. Non-poisonous Can get hurt Dangerous Can touch
Highly Effective Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain
Last Upto
Upto 90 days Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain

BOB CAT Rat Repellent FAQs on Usage

Car Protection CAREFUL USAGE. Spray only on the items to be protected from rats. Avoid direct contact with surface after application. Ensure the spray is not applied on other items which requires regular contact.
Car - Underside CAREFUL USAGE. Visit a car workshop to hydraulically lift the car and spray on the undersides. Do not slide under the car and spray TOMCAT from a close distance.
Car - Cabin & Boot NO. Spraying in cabin and boot space is not advisable as the product will come in direct contact and it is bitter in taste to everyone in the car.
Car - Under the Bonnet YES. Follow "How to use". Always spray on a cool engine at room temperature. First, clean and dry the surface thoroughly. Do not start the engine for 4 hrs after application. View the video for better understanding.
Safety This product does not have any side effects apart from tasting intensely bitter in taste. It is not poisonous, and not harmful to humans or animals.
Reapplication Frequency A well-sprayed double coat should be effective for 60 days. Servicing, rains or waterlogging may need more frequent re-application.
Origin Proudly MADE IN INDIA
Available QTY 200ML TOM Cat Rat Repellent with Mask & Glove
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