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Happy Nights Camphor Mosquito Repellent Refill -45ml with machine

Happy Nights Camphor Mosquito Repellent Refill -45ml with machine


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The refill has a graphite rod in the middle and when the repellent chemical comes in contact with the heated rod, it turns into fume which disables the sensors of the mosquitoes. No matter which part of your room you install it in, the device spreads out evenly to every corner of your room, killing mosquitoes efficiently.

  • Natural Camphor 
  • 2X More Powerful.
  • 100% Knockdown Formula.
  • Protects from Flies & Mosquitoes.
  • Pleasant Fragrance.
  • Attention: keep out of reach of children.
DEET FREE: DEET which is a synthetic chemical active has a high skin absorption and neurotoxic concerns. Shadow Securitronics contains CITROSYNTHOL which is scientifically proven to be effective in repelling mosquitoes and is 100% safe SAFE FOR SKIN: DEET is rapidly absorbed through the skin. This can lead to problems, especially in young children. As a result, there are restrictions on children under the age of 12 using DEET and guidelines suggest you should only use DEET 1-2 times a day. In contrast, very little Shadow Securitronics Natural is absorbed through the skin so children as young as 6 months can use Shadow Securitronics Natural and there are no restrictions on how often it can be used.

SAFE FOR CHILDREN : Shadow Securitronics is safe for use on children above 6 months age.

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: The active ingredient in Shadow Securitronics Natural is Citrosynthol's most effective natural insect repellent. Various field & lab study data show that Citrosynthol works just as well as DEET, giving about 8 hours of protection time compared to 6-10 hours of complete protection time from DEET-based repellents. So Citrosynthol in Shadow Securitronics Natural is just as effective as DEET but without the associated problems.

  • Kills dengue-transmitting mosquitoes
  • Our repellent activates instant Protection
  • 100% faster protection
  • Refill fits in all machines
NATURAL: 100% NATURAL: CITROSYNTHOL based and Contains PINE derivative /Completely Herbal/Safe for Children contains nature’s most effective insect repellent extracted from oil. Most effective against DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA, and MALARIA Mosquitos.

Most effective against DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA, and MALARIA Mosquitos.

  • Oil-Based Mosquito Repellent Air Freshener is safe for use on children above 6 months of age.
  • Friendly to patients.
  • Oil-based repellent that does not cause any side effects to you and your family.
  • So, if there are too many mosquitoes messing around, all you need to do is switch on and see the mosquitoes disappear in minutes.
  • You regularly check for water build-ups around your home because mosquitoes breed in still or stagnant water.
  • It has an advanced power formula that knocks the bugs down faster and provides you with safety for a long time.
  • Keep out of reach of children and open the flame area.
  • Just put it on 30 minutes before bed and walk into a mosquito-free bedroom later.
  • Better safe than worry, All-Out brings to you this mosquito repellent chemical that shields you from virus-carrying mosquitoes.
  • Built with advanced power formula, it incapacitates the mosquitoes with more efficiency.
  • Stay healthy and safe with this invisible cloak around you.
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