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Gecko Combo Pack - Furniture Polish, Kitchen Degreaser, Limescale remover, Flat Screen Cleaner each 1pc.

Gecko Combo Pack - Furniture Polish, Kitchen Degreaser, Limescale remover, Flat Screen Cleaner each 1pc.


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red furniture spray

GECKO Furniture Polish Spray | Wood Furniture Polish | Cleaning & Protector | Furniture Wood Care Spray | Shiny Wood Furniture Surfaces | 220 ML Furniture Polishing Spray (Pack of 1, 2, & 3 Also available)

  • Restore kitchen cabinets and bring back shine and brilliance to all finished wood, Formica, and laminate surfaces in just a one-coat easy wipe-on application that lasts for months! It provides ultra protection to your wooden furniture.
  • With one application you get a beautiful like-new shine. Adding more coats of the Cabinet & Furniture Restorer will add even more shine. Apply until the cabinet reaches your desired shine and allow it to dry.
  • GECKO Renew Your Cabinets & Furniture and Rejuvenate Restorer life to previously sealed and finished wood, Formica, and laminate surfaces on a wide variety of kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, furniture, and wall paneling. The water and polymer-based formula fills in scratches, restores shine, seals grout, and protects cabinets and furniture from new scratches and water damage. The easy wipe-on application will avoid dust and hair being trapped in your new finish.
  • One application lasts up to three months and is perfect for both residential and commercial restoration projects. Take the time to thoroughly clean all surfaces of wax, grease, dirt, and grime before applying the wood furniture restorer in an inconspicuous area. We also recommended using GECKO Wood Furniture & Floor Repair Markers before application to conceal deeper scratches and gouged areas.all surface applicable
refresh your wood shine
good look furniture
wood beauty polish
degreaser degreaser degreaser GECKO Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser
  • GECKO Kitchen Degreaser is a multi-surface cleaner producing a penetrating foam that takes on grime where it hides, giving an instant cleaning finish.
  • With its rinse-free design, just directly spray onto the desired area, then use a towel or sponge to wipe until the stain is removed. it is Safe To Use With anti-damage coating feature that protects surfaces against fading, discoloration, and cracking.
Screen Cleaner Gecko screen cleaner is formulated to be used even for the most sensitive types of LCD, LED, CRT, and OLED screens. Be at ease knowing that this product is tested as safe on all the major brands: iPad, iPhone, Android screens, Kindle, PC monitors – we’ve got you covered! for lcd screen cleaner, tv cleaner for smart tv and more. Multipurpose screen cleaner Lime scale cleaner Lime scale Cleaner
Lime scale Cleaner
Lime scale Cleaner
Lime scale Cleaner
Lime scale Cleaner

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