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Gecko 200 ML Foam Based Cleaner Spray for Shoes/Loafers/Sneakers/Sports

Gecko 200 ML Foam Based Cleaner Spray for Shoes/Loafers/Sneakers/Sports


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Product Description

clean your footwear in a flash


bring your shoes bak to life

Gecko 200 ml pack of 1 shoe foam cleaning spray is for all types of shoes. Get rid of dirt, grim and stains from your shoes without using chemicals or harsh cleaners. Use this shoe cleaner on leather etc. types of shoes. It works great on Shoes/ Loafers/ Sneakers/ Sports Shoes/White/Golf/Tennis/Canvas Shoes. This GECKO shoe foam cleaning spray is made in India. This shoe cleaning Spray is Easy to use just spray the shoe cleaner on the shoes & wait for 1 minute and rub with a sponge, towel or brush to remove dirt, dust, grime and you'll have a new look! No mess. It Works fast on dirt. Give Great values to your shoes.

non greasy mattle finish
foam based cleaning
befor after shoe

Bring your Shoes Back to Life

  • Our premium, GECKO shoe foam cleaner spray helps your shoes to get back to their new condition.
  • GECKO Shoe Cleaner Spray is a dirt eliminator that cleans your shoes and makes them look like New Ones.
  • It removes adhering dirt, dust, grime, fingerprints, and any unwanted stains while leaving a non-greasy matte finish.
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