Lubrizap Bike Chain Cleaner Spray – 225ml

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Product Description

Lubrizap chain cleaner can bc used on all parts of your drivetrain cassettes and derailleurs, Frequently cleaning and relubrication of your chain lifetime of your drivetrain & designed specifically for: O ring, X ring & Z ring. Chain cleaner spray product is formulated to clean and de-grease, chains, linings, cylinders, drum, springs & other related parts without disassembling parts instantly. It is a high performance special cleaner for maintenance and repair work quickly removes dust as well as oil, grease and dirt deposits – entirely residue free.

Directions: Use a brush to remove hard deposits and wipe off excess. Apply lubrizap chain cleaner liberally and evenly on the chain while moving chain in very slow motion. whole length of the chain has been well cleaned.


  1. Adhesive & Penetrating lubricant.
  2. High load, friction & wear resistant.
  3. Sling & water-washout resistant.
  4. Compatible with rubber ‘O,X,Z’ rings.
  5. Improves chain life & performance.

10 reviews for Lubrizap Bike Chain Cleaner Spray – 225ml

  1. Subith M

    Such a good product i have used one month it’s gud nice results

  2. Subith M

    Such a good product i have used one month it’s gud nice results

  3. Sourabh

    Good product..cleansed the chain..

  4. ABHI

    Worth the money, I recommend this product

  5. Indigavenkatesh

    Good product

  6. Srinjoy Bhattacharjee

    Nice product… It’s a great product to purchase

  7. Sanyam Gupta

    Fragrance is great removes all the dirt

  8. Rajath R.

    Good quality product. Easy to use and minimal contact. Im using it from few months. My bike is sqeak free. Overall I’m happy with Lubrizap. Last but not least, it’s comparitively cheaper.

  9. Arnab Bishayee

    Easy to use

  10. Rohit s.

    I like the ease of using the product. It makes my chain and gear movement as smooth as butter and makes my bike maintenance an easy ,clean and hassle free

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  • Adhesive & Penetrating lubricant.
  • High load, friction & wear resistant.
  • Easy removal of brake fluid, oil residues, resin crusts and adhesives The aerosol jet action helps the cleaning process.
  • Increases the wear protection and Improves chain life & performance.
  • High creep performance for perfect cleaning. O/X/Z ring compatible.
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