GECKO Limescale remover for tough stains – 200ml- with sponge

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Product Description

Lime scale cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Works in minutes

Oust’s powerful limescale removal formulation restores small appliances and surfaces in minutes!

Prolongs appliance life

Helps prolong appliance life and restore good as new shine to both appliances and surfaces.

Multi use liquid treatment

Multi-use liquid treatment with active citric acid can be used on most

Lime scale Cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Lime scale Cleaner

Taps and surfaces

Coffee Machines


Fully Automatic Coffee Machines


Lime scale Cleaner

8 reviews for GECKO Limescale remover for tough stains – 200ml- with sponge

  1. Himanshu

    We have hard water in bathrooms and kitchen so this is the must buy Product.

  2. Sudhakar

    Easy to use and easy to clean

  3. Savitha

    The faucet cleaner works well and as per the price paid it’s a good purchase

  4. Jebin

    It removes the stains nicely (after3-4 attempts) but after cleaning I feel like taps gets discoloured or loose shine. Also after 4-6 days it gives stains again which I literally didn’t like about it.

  5. Vipin

    Gecko Faucet Cleaner is an amazing product. I used it to clean my jaguar fittings in the washroom. All the limescale deposits have been completely removed. After spraying and settling for a few minutes i just had to wipe clean and all deposits have been gone. Used on all bathroom fittings and shower areas. Very good product. Definitely recommended.

  6. Sampur

    Very useful and good product ,best Quality products , Nice product and very convenient to use.

  7. Henith

    Very impressive. Works best on steel surface. On plastic taps I had to put extra efforts. Overall with lil efforts and good scrubbing aid results are amazing

  8. Sowji

    Fully satisfied with the product. The built quality is very good , great durability.

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Brand Shadow Securitronics
Item Form Liquid
Specific Uses For Product Faucet,Glass,Shower
Item Volume 200 Millilitres
Net Quantity 200.0 millilitre
Surface Recommendation Shower
Number of Items 1
  • GECKO Tap Cleaner & Lime scale remover Is Superior, Concentrated and Easy to Use. Simply spray on the affected area and leave for 3-5 min, allowing it to work, Then Rinse off with warm water and rub dry to feel the benefits of this cleaner. It is enamel friendly.
  •  Lime scale and deposits will be removed gently without harming the surrounding ceramic and enamel surfaces. Thus preserving the value of the sanitary objects for a long time.
  • GECKO Tap Cleaner & Lime scale Remover can be used on the following fap Surfaces Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Brushed Steel, so you can ensure your washroom taps and accessories are high-pitched, clean, no matter your chosen finale. Removes all lime scale, soap, and dirt while keeping your washroom look fresh. It will also remove dirt and soap that builds up, effortless soap scum removal.
  • Not Suitable for Acid-sensitive surfaces like Marble, Granite.
  • GECKO Tap Cleaner & Lime scale Remover spray has wide applications including removing stains on showers, bathtubs, mirrors, etc. Ideal for use on hard surfaces such as Ceramic Tile, Stainless Steel, Chrome Fixtures, Glass Shower Cubicles. It safely removes oxidation and does not scratch or corrode the taps, faucets, fixtures, bath tubs, shower glasses.
  • TOSS THE TOXINS: 0% bleach added, 0% phosphates added, 0% sulphates added and powered by plant based ingredients as well as essential oils. This is a product safe for your hands and safe for your taps.
  • Ecologically Responsible Carboxylic Acid, Lactic Acid & Surfactants Mix. Safe on Skin. The ecological formula powered by essential oils is eco-friendly and suitable for homes with kids and pets. Gecko Tap & Shower cleaner is PETA Certified cruelty free and vegan. This product contains ZERO Sulphates/Phosphates/Bleach/Zero Added colour/Artificial fragrance.
  • HOW TO KEEP YOUR TAPS SHINY? For keeping your taps looking as good as new, wipe down the taps after use and do not allow water to stay and dry on the taps and showers for long duration. Wipe them down with a dry cloth.
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