Mosquito Repellent | Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer(45ml) with Machine

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Happy Nights Herbal Eucalyptus Oil Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer(45ml) with Machine

Mosquito Repellent – Product description


Shadow Securitronics Happy Nights is Here With a Solution to Your Fear of Mosquito Containing 45ml of Transparent White Liquid Each With Happy Night 100 Ml Mosquito Repellent Room Spray. The Refill Goes Into Your Heat Liquidator in an Upright Position and Forms a Protective Shield Around You, Killing the Mosquitoes Efficiently. Effective Against Dengue , Chikungunya & Malaria Mosquitos. Specially Formulated Keeping Babies in Mind. It is Important to Understand That if You Are Thinking About Going for Something That Can Help You Get Rid of the Mosquitos Then There Are a Lot of Options That You Could Look at. Happy Nights Mosquito/insect Refill Are Oil Based Mosquito Repellent Air Freshener is Safe for Use on Children Above 6 Months Age.friendly to Asthma Patients. Refill for Mosquitoes ,mosquito Vaporizer Refill Herbal ,repellent Refills ,pest Free Mosquito Killer.

happy nights

Safe for skin

  • Deet is rapidly absorbed through the skin.
  • This can lead to problems, especially in young children.
  • As a result there are restrictions on children under the age of 12 using deet and guidelines suggest you should only use deet 1-2 times a day.






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26 reviews for Mosquito Repellent | Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer(45ml) with Machine

  1. anurag

    Good one

  2. appu

    Good product 👌

  3. manasa

    It’s totally good repellent for mosquito

  4. bhavish

    Very very effective and efficient.this is simple to use and has a special flavour of eucoliptus.this works all perfectly soo fast

  5. elmira

    Main point that it works. Good product, nice smell.

  6. Sumit

    I ordered the pack of 10. Was looking some non chemical option because of kid. The fragrance is very mild and works fine for mosquitoes.

  7. Sanjay Neelam

    The smell /aroma is good and so far it seems legit to what it says.
    The packaging was good and also the delivery is on time.

  8. Neelesh

    I find the product good and has a good fragrance and would continue to use the same in future

  9. Priyanka

    Smell very nice

  10. krish

    I’ve been using it from last 2 years and I’m pretty happy about with this.

  11. Aravind

    I am allergic to most mosquito repellent products but this one is the best. It does it’s work well and does not have any uncomfortable chemical smell does not give headaches. I have more peaceful sleep now because of this particular repellent. Thank you.

  12. Vagish

    Good product.. kid’s friendly and non allergic for us

  13. Shriya Routh

    Value for money

  14. Bikash Panda

    No smell and safe to use unlike other repellents

  15. vishal

    I’ve tried other natural mosquito repellents and this one work better than others I’ve tried.
    For small rooms, this works well. Larger rooms may need more than one.
    There’s no smell or throat irritation.

  16. Umesh Pusadkar

    I’ve bought it multiple times.
    Hopefully it keeps working and mosquitoes don’t develop resistance to it as well.

  17. Deepak

    Value for money nice

  18. Riyaz Ahmed Laskar

    I liked the product very much. My child sleeps peacefully. It is a natural product.

  19. Mayank Aneja

    Best product

  20. Kanwal kumar

    Good smell & Very Effective

  21. Srinath rao

    Must Use The product

  22. Umesh Qurwani

    I had received the Product on time and Packing was good.

  23. Sanjesh

    The product really works well for us. Earlier there were mosquitoes in my room but now the room is free from mosquitoes when we started using this repellent.
    The good part of the product is it doesn’t give you any smell of the chemicals.

    You must give it a try.

  24. Kunaal

    It really meets my expectations. I’d buy this product again.

  25. Sujith

    I was looking for a natural/herbal option against the chemical ones flooded in the market, came across this one and, it does what its supposed to do, repel mosquitos. It costs less than its chemical competitors, which is an added bonus.

  26. Achappa

    Very Effective Product

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Brand Shadow Securitronics
Scent Lemon Herbal
Item Volume 45 Millilitres
Material Feature Natural
Item Form Oil

About this item

  • DEET FREE: DEET which is a synthetic chemical active has a high skin absorption and neurotoxic concerns. HAPPY NIGHTS/Completely Herbal/Safe for Children contains Comphor which is scientifically proven to be effective in repelling mosquitoes and is 100% safe.
  • NATURAL: HAPPY NIGHTS /Completely Herbal/Safe for Children contain nature’s most effective insect repellent extracted from oil of Camphor.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: The active ingredient in HAPPY NIGHTS /Completely Herbal/Safe for Children Natural is Comphor most effective natural insect repellent. Various field & lab study data shows that Comphor works just as well as DEET, giving about 8 hours protection time compared to 6-10 hours complete protection time from DEET based repellents.
  • SAFE FOR SKIN: DEET is rapidly absorbed through the skin. This can lead to problems especially in young children. As a result there are restrictions on children under the age of 12 using DEET and guidelines suggest you should only use DEET 1-2 times a day.
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN : HAPPY NIGHTS Comphor and Herbal Oil Based Mosquito Repellent air Freshener is safe for use on children above 6 months age. Friendly to asthma patients
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